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Re: Permission to use your website for home-work

Dear Sirs, This is William Poon here. I'm a student of Seneca College, Canada, studying library technician lesson. I'm doing an assignment for creating a "Chinese culture library" website. For homework purpose, please advice return if I can use your exsisting website as the "Helpful Link" in the above-mentioned site? Kindly please e-mail your confirmation to [email protected] Many thanks, William Poon


Dear William, I do not speak a word of Chinese nor am I in any way involved with Chinese Wikipedia, but as far as I can tell, there is no permission from the original author needed by custom or by law, in Canada or in China, simply to link to a web page (the imaginative "linking policies" of some corporate websites notwithstanding.) It is, however, considered bad "Netiquette" to post on public forums and expect private answers.

  • Yeah, everyone can use and change the stuff here without any permission. If you wanna use it, go ahead and do so. Just remember to cite your source in your homework/project or your teacher might think you were cheating. --

While there is an earlier discussion stating the articles in the Chinese wikipedia are mainly in Simplified script, it is apparant the opposite is actually true. A look at the main user page is obvious enough. Has there been a change in policy, and what is the policy now with regards to which script to use?

Thank you!--怀韦 13:49 2006年1月23日 (UTC)

The Chinese Wikipedia has a tool to run Simplified to Traditional Chinese convertion and vice verse. So you can contribute to Chinese Wikipedia in either script and needn't to worry about violations in policies since there's none (that force you to write only in Simp. or Trad.). The decrease in articles started in Simplified Chinese just due to the infamous GFW in mainland China, where the Simplified Chinese is mainly used. --

Hello, This is my first try to create an article in Chinese part of Wiki so I would like to ask your help to categorize my entry and check it for possible errors. Unfortunately, I do not speak Chinese.

Thank you very much!

new article help, please - link

I am sorry I forgot to include a link to my article:




Since the Categories in Chinese Wikipedia are labelled in Chinese, You can simply create a new article and wait for other Chinese Wikipedians to put it into corresponding category(es). Or put into the category(es) you think it might fit in English, our Wikipedians will put it into their corresponding Chinese ones.
Thank you for your contributions in Chinese Wikipedia. --

Nice 2006 logo. Most of the guys at en: are too solemn to ever decorate things for the new years. Cheers, 03:29 2006年2月2日 (UTC)

Thank you. :) --

Hi. I want to register in this wiki but with chinese characters bunt I'm spanish, I don't know very much of chinese writing. My nick in spanish wiki is "Haitike" I ask a user of spanish wiki with know chinese and say me the next characters: 海地克 or 海蒂克 He said me that this characters are used in foreign names trascripcions. I want to get a nick with some isteresting meaning ¿what other combinations advice me before I register?

I think 海蒂克 is much better, welcome to visit chinese wikipedia.--维游 (+_+) 06:47 2006年2月15日 (UTC)

您好!I am new to 中文, as well as the 中文的Wikipedia. I was wondering how I should write my name with chinese characters. My user name is Ikiroid. I tried writing it phonetically on my talk page as 一颗肉移地, but I think it's wrong (google says it means "One meat moves"!). I thought I could write it as a concept instead of as a foreign name (my user name is a combination of japanese "ikiru" [to live] and Greek "-oid"[similar, not exact, something else]). Someone please help me!--Ikiroid 21:41 2006年2月17日 (UTC)