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I recently started the article for my hometown in California >> 里士满 (加利福尼亚州) but I don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin at all and I'm using a dictionary and my friend Lei Jing Yee is helping me but she isn't fluent in Cantonese and could only help me a little bit. Someone added a will be deleted in 30 days tag if sources weren't added but i added sources. Could anyone tell me if I have done a good job? Is there a tag that I can add to request a translation? I think people who edit 舟山市 might be interested because its the sister city of 里士满/Richmond. How did I do? Would anybody help? Thank you!谢谢!Cholga 2007年8月5日 (日) 06:23 (UTC) Also if you respond would you tell me so and give me a link to this page on my talk page its very hard for me to navigate.Cholga 2007年8月5日 (日) 06:24 (UTC)回复[回复]

  • That's an example to show that one can write a lot of Chinese that totally does not make sense. :) --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年8月28日 (二) 23:05 (UTC)回复[回复]
    • ...It's in good shape now, except that half the stuff is in English. --haha169 (留言) 2008年7月10日 (四) 22:48 (UTC)回复[回复]


Please do not mix traditional and simplified Chinese scripts on the same page.

Please click "简体" or "繁体" on the top of the page if you'd like to read simplified or traditional texts. (留言) 2008年11月8日 (六) 05:49 (UTC)回复[回复]

I have to find the meaning of the surname liow,can you help me.

Do you mean, a Chinese surname, spelled as "Liow"? A surname does not mean anything, like "Lincoln" does mean anything.--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年1月3日 (四) 23:45 (UTC)回复[回复]

Why aren't my preferences working?

Under my preferences, I have "介面語言" set to "en - English", but the interface language is still Chinese. Any ideas how I can fix that? Angr (留言) 2008年1月5日 (六) 09:47 (UTC)回复[回复]

On further investigation, I don't think it's my preferences that are the problem. I see that even if I add "?uselang=en" to the URL of a page here, it still doesn't convert the interface language to English. Weird. Angr (留言) 2008年1月5日 (六) 09:50 (UTC)回复[回复]

"?uselang=en" only works on Commons and Metawiki, because those are multi-lingual projects. Single language projects like zh.wikipedia only uses Simplified and Traditional versions. You can swap between those. --Haha169 (留言) 2008年6月30日 (一) 23:07 (UTC)回复[回复]
Actually, upon further investigation (ignore my copying), I found out that it does work. Try your preferences again. --haha169 (留言) 2008年7月1日 (二) 04:13 (UTC)回复[回复]

Cost of air freight from Hangzhou, China to Sydney, Australia

How much does it cost to send something 100kg (50cm x 40cm x 30cm) from HANGZHOU,310013,CHINA to SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. (The Chinese Post website is not English-friendly, and I can't translate using Google Translate). Thanks for your help! (留言) 2008年1月7日 (一) 18:42 (UTC)回复[回复]

If you wish to find this information, why not check the Sydney Post website? And if it still doesn't work, give me the link and I will help you. --Haha169 (留言) 2008年6月30日 (一) 23:06 (UTC)回复[回复]


hola quisiera tener mas comunicacion con personas asiaticas —以上未簽名的意見是由200.106.93.154對話貢獻)在2008年1月12日22:00 (UTC)所加入的。

I love you all!

Make love, not war!—以上未簽名的意見是由85.12.46.92對話貢獻)在2008年1月15日 (二) 05:33 (UTC)所加入的。回复[回复]

Is User:Bobabobabo allowed on ZH?

I found that User:Bobabobabo, banned on EN (see en:User:Bobabobabo), JA (see ja:User:Bobabobabo), and other Wikimedia domains, has an account here. I marked his account with the notice that he was banned from EN and JA. He had not edited recently, so I thought he wouldn't come back.

Well, he came back. As seen from his contributions [1], he edited out my comments and then edited [2] [3] the Chinese Yu-Gi-Oh! GX page. WhisperToMe (留言) 2008年1月24日 (四) 05:09 (UTC)回复[回复]

Need for translation


I asked a question to a registered user. As I don't know if I can read chineese I would need someone to translate it in chineese in his page.

My message is in User talk:Hercule.

Thank you very much in advance

Hercule bzh (留言) 2008年2月1日 (五) 17:18 (UTC)回复[回复]

I will leave him/her a Chinese message to announce your intention. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年2月12日 (二) 17:39 (UTC)回复[回复]
Thanks a lot Hercule bzh (留言) 2008年2月13日 (三) 18:15 (UTC)回复[回复]

Article request

Can I request that you write an article in Chinese about en:NRK? Bolindas (留言) 2008年2月4日 (一) 00:00 (UTC)回复[回复]

See Wikipedia:翻译请求#人文与文化。—石添小草 (talk to me) 2008年2月8日 (五) 05:46 (UTC)回复[回复]

How long do I have to wait to usurpate an account?


How long do I have to wait before claim for an usurpation of registered account?

I am registered as Hercule in quite every wikis where I created an account (details), but here a user is registered as User:Hercule since the 21th of january 2008. He made 1 edit, has no registered mail, and doesn't seem to come back (I let him a message, but think I will have no answer).

I can't read your rules for usurpation :p

Thanks for your answers

Hercule bzh (留言) 2008年2月11日 (一) 12:00 (UTC)回复[回复]
  • I don't see why you have multiple Hercule accounts makes Hercule in Chinese belong to you. I also have several user ids as "Mongol", but that one was used in the Spanish version already, so my id there is "MongolChino". The usurpation policy is not finalized here yet. Thus if the owner of that account agrees to pass that id to you, great. Otherwise, we cannot force him/her. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年2月12日 (二) 17:31 (UTC)回复[回复]
I would like to have the same name everywhere. —Hercule bzh (留言) 2008年2月13日 (三) 18:17 (UTC)回复[回复]
Me too. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年2月14日 (四) 22:50 (UTC)回复[回复]
In the spanish wiki you can usurpate the name Mongol because he has made no edits (es:http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Cambiar_el_nombre_de_usuario
I made usurpation in some wikis. Could you ask for an administrator of this wiki if the usurpation can be realized in some conditions (maybe afer one month or one year of inactivity of the account). --Hercule bzh (留言) 2008年2月17日 (日) 23:19 (UTC)回复[回复]


链接标题 由於我首次參加,不知你們要求甚麽?我現己擴充了內容,覺得已非常充實,若你要求甚麽,最好直接說出,我會嘗試達到你們要求的,謝謝。

WikiFeb ,你被查封因为你删除了一些你编辑的条目中的模板。欢迎你增加内容,但不要无故删除内容。原因已经在你的对话页解释了。--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年2月19日 (二) 19:20 (UTC)回复[回复]

Sofia Rotaru

Hello, could you help in translation of the article on Sofia Rotaru in Chinese language please? I can help you with an article of your interest in Romanian, Russian or English. Thank you so much in advance.--Sesfonk 11:51, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Translation of article about Austrian writer Klaus Ebner


is it possible to place wish for translation of an article about an Austrian writer here? If yes, this is the article in other languages:

Many many thanks for your endeavors!

Irina Walter, from Vienna, Austria -- (留言) 2008年3月21日 (五) 17:41 (UTC)回复[回复]

You should place it on wikipedia:翻譯請求 (a similar page as de:Wikipedia:Translation)。WeltanschauungĤòĭnäþbåķtšýñ 2008年3月28日 (五) 14:21 (UTC)回复[回复]

The name should be 克劳斯·埃布讷, I guess. --Kevin M (留言) 2008年4月9日 (三) 18:21 (UTC)回复[回复]


In unifying all my accounts I find that there is a user Bduke here. Is he active? I'm just curious as I do not need an account here and do not speak Chinese. If someone could give me details on my English Wikipedia talk page I would be grateful. User:Bduke on en:wikipedia. 2008年3月27日 (四) 06:08 (UTC)

New article idea - Pollo Campero (咔贝乐)

You should make an article about en:Pollo Campero - 咔贝乐

Website (in Chinese) is here: http://www.campero.com/index_cn_flash.php WhisperToMe (留言) 2008年4月5日 (六) 00:08 (UTC)回复[回复]

a nick is required with bbcode does not alter out to set pictures

Hay assistant delight to commiserate with with BBcode :( for me does not revolt out to spawn references to the absorbing pictures and video on the topic. Or regurgitate down fasten together on this topic

Chinese Wikipedia for Palm Handheld


I have the English Wikipedia encyclopedia on my Palm Treo 650 since April 2006, using TombRaider3 software to read. It was very useful.

Now, I have upgraded to Palm Centro with CJKOS, Chinese operating system. I would like to ask if there is a Chinese Wikipedia encyclopedia for Palm handdeld too?

My email address: [email protected]

Thank you.

Yun Cheng Singapore

  • I believe that Palm OS support of Wikipedia, no matter English or Chinese, is not an official feature of Wikipedia. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年5月6日 (二) 22:04 (UTC)回复[回复]

How to access account that wasn't confirmed in time?

I set up an account as "User:A12n" on zh.wikipedia.org on Fri 11/3/2006 3:40 PM but did not confirm in time. Now I would like to renew it. How to do that?

Never mind - I didn't think I'd be able to request a new password to get around the block but it worked. --A12n (留言) 2008年4月23日 (三) 14:00 (UTC)回复[回复]

Google toolbar like web portal for intermediate learners of Chinese

Hi there,

Please excuse my English.

How many of you use the Chinese Wikipedia to brush up on that high school Chinese, but need to constantly lookup Chinese words for English meanings. The Google translation toolbar only translates from English to Chinese, not from Chinese to English. (Their whole web page translation is not what I want, I want to read the Chinese).

I have prepared a webpage portal that allows the Chinese Wikipedia to be viewed. From there, a right click on a word in the zh.wikipedia.org will pop up the English meaning. The portal with explanation of how to use it is at:


There are other languages involved. French to English is the default translation, but there is a combo box that allows Chinese to English. I am wondering if there is a need or wish for a utility like this. For the intermediate Chinese learner who can get the sense of a sentence but still needs to lookup a lot of words to understand the whole meaning.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Paul Cheffers

Question about airport data

Hello, I have a question about airport data.

Some time ago I found a list with all passenger data (and I believe also freight data) of all Chinese airports. The list was published, I believe, by the CAAC and was in Chinese (which was not a problem). I am now in need of that list again, but I cannot find the link to it. Can someone help me find the list. It contained a lot of data and I am in need of that data. Thanks in advance!

Waerth (留言) 2008年5月16日 (五) 21:28 (UTC)回复[回复]

Can nobody help me? Waerth (留言) 2008年5月22日 (四) 09:11 (UTC)回复[回复]
If you can read Chinese you may consult this article: 中國大陸機場列表 (corresponding English article is List of airports in the People's Republic of China, but without passenger data), although the data provided is not dated and unreferenced so its validity is questionable. Unfortunately this is currently the best provided by both Wikipedias. Thanks for your call.—Computor (留言) 2008年5月24日 (六) 01:48 (UTC)回复[回复]
Well I finally found it myself :) I knew it was out there. Now all I have to do is translate it to English! Here it is, so you can use it as a source for articles on the zh.wikipedia .... [4] (warning the link opens an xls file!) The xls file contains the data of all of the Chinese airports. ~~~~

Usurping User:Shii

Hi, I am en:User:Shii and I am creating a universal Wikipedia login to eliminate old confusion. It appears there is a User:Shii on this Wikipedia which has not made any edits. Could you change my username to Shii, and move their unused username to something else?

Thanks, En.Shii (留言) 2008年5月24日 (六) 20:15 (UTC)回复[回复]

Please post your request to the bottom of this page: Wikipedia:更改用戶名/帳戶易手 Thanks for your call.—Computor (留言) 2008年5月26日 (一) 00:37 (UTC)回复[回复]
There are now many requests on that page in the last few days. Is it possible to call the attention of an administrator? --(user:LA2) -- (留言) 2008年5月29日 (四) 21:55 (UTC)回复[回复]
This same topic has been raised on this page before. Please check. The usurpation policy is not finalized on Chinese Wikipedia yet. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年5月31日 (六) 00:49 (UTC)回复[回复]

Hello. Japanese Wikipedians are now correcting the wrong character on the Wikipedia logo, more precisely ワィ to ウィ. It's a good chance for you Chinese Wikipedians to change 袓 to 維. The discussions are at meta:Errors in the Wikipedia logo and ja:Wikipedia:井戸端#ロゴの修正について(ワィ問題). Thanks. - TAKASUGI Shinji (留言) 2008年6月10日 (二) 00:57 (UTC)回复[回复]

谢谢。您们要真么样子着才能改变?Thanks, how do you plan to achieve that? --Haha169 (留言) 2008年6月29日 (日) 05:36 (UTC)回复[回复]

桴獩愠灰挠湡戠敲歡 <--- Translation in English?

Thanks in advance-- (留言) 2008年6月19日 (四) 16:09 (UTC)回复[回复]

  • 桴 = crossbeam
  • 獩 = monster
  • 慍 = hate
  • 灰 = grey / ash
  • 撓 = disturb / bend
  • 湡 = water
  • 戠 = sword
  • 敲 = knock
  • 歡 = happy

It is not a meaningful sentence, but just a combination of some random Chinese characters. -- (留言) 2008年7月2日 (三) 08:13 (UTC)回复[回复]

This is known as Mojibake (乱码)。Don't know what encoding it should be in however. --卡库拉迪 (留言) 2008年7月5日 (六) 02:08 (UTC)回复[回复]

SUL kb

Hello, I kindly request to rename user:kb on Chinese wiki. Here is confirmation of my identity. Thanks in advance. -- (留言) 2008年6月23日 (一) 20:14 (UTC)回复[回复]

Any crats that can rename this account? -- (留言) 2008年7月2日 (三) 20:08 (UTC)回复[回复]

something else

Could someone please say what this http://www.desafionacional.com.br/dna_em/Console/etapas/swf_questoes/dna2008_i_es_sdd3.mp3

...Either that's Russian or an American speaking with a horrible accent. I can't tell, sorry. --haha169 (留言) 2008年7月1日 (二) 19:00 (UTC)回复[回复]

Account Usurpation


Can someone tell me who I have to contact to usurp an account on this Wikipedia ? This account has only one edit, and avoid me to merge my global account.

Thank you.

PS : My home wiki is here : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilisateur:Vincen


EDIT : Found it. :)

Vincen, if you are not planning to use zh.Wikipedia, this one account does not prevent you from creating a global account. It merely prevents you from getting an account on zh.Wiki. --haha169 (留言) 2008年7月10日 (四) 22:46 (UTC)回复[回复]

About your variant tabs

Hi. I've noticed the Chinese Wikipedia have extra tabs, which as far as I think are useful to switch between the Chinese variants of the language. I'm really keen on knowing how could I do that for the Nahuatl Wikipedia as we're under a dialects problem. Is there a MediaWiki page where I can do that or is it somewhere else? Thanks. My user page is here: Fluence, 12:39 13 July 2008 (UTC-5)

I've found this: MediaWiki:Zhconv which I think may lead to something, but please, someone help me!!--Fluence, 16:54 16 July 2008 (UTC-5)
I'm not familiar with the system either, but as far I know this page may help you.[5] You may download the file and think about it. 悠长假期 踩踩 2008年7月20日 (日) 02:28 (UTC)回复[回复]

Sentence translation request

你好, Could somebody please translate the sentence "The United Nations Portal" into Simplified Chinese for me. It's portal as in Wikipedia portal. I would try to do it myself but I want to be absolutely sure. Many thanks --Joowwww (留言) 2008年7月16日 (三) 09:45 (UTC)回复[回复]

It can be "联合国主题", literally, "The United Nations Theme", or "联合国主题首页", "The theme homepage of the United Nations". A portal is translated as a theme or a theme homepage in Chinese Wikipedia. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年7月16日 (三) 16:30 (UTC)回复[回复]


Could somebody tell me if International Orienteering federation translates to this 國際野外定向聯盟 ThanksARBAY (留言) 2008年7月26日 (六) 21:21 (UTC)回复[回复]

It sounds correct to me.--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年7月28日 (一) 04:59 (UTC)回复[回复]
thankyou very much 谢谢您 ARBAY (留言) 2008年8月5日 (二) 12:01 (UTC)回复[回复]


Does anyone know where I can download a Chinese font? All the letters on this computer are "????????". Tholly (留言) 2008年8月12日 (二) 18:52 (UTC)回复[回复]

Please see Help:Multilingual support (East Asian) for guidance.—Lkopeter (留言) 2008年8月15日 (五) 16:41 (UTC)回复[回复]
If you want to download standalone Chinese fonts, please go to: Wen Quan Yi (no copyright problems)--Liangent留言 2008年8月16日 (六) 09:30 (UTC)回复[回复]
Thanks, Tholly (留言) 2008年8月20日 (三) 06:58 (UTC)回复[回复]

Manual for new and small Wikipedias

Hello, at Meta there are pages created to help new and small Wikipedias: Manual and Wikipedia and help pages. You are welcome to have a look and comment. Kind regards --Ziko (留言) 2008年8月15日 (五) 23:17 (UTC)回复[回复]

{{User SUL}}

Hello (or good evening), I just wanted to know how this template work? I have made fr:Modèle:Utilisateur SUL, I think this could be more useful. With the French template we could know where is the main account of the SUL's user. Does someone could create a new version here? Otourly (留言) 2008年8月24日 (日) 08:30 (UTC)回复[回复]

I have made a mistake sorry an english version is herre : commons:Template:User SUL Otourly (留言) 2008年8月30日 (六) 08:59 (UTC)回复[回复]
Could someone just translate the text ? I could make the template just if I have the translation. Cordialement Otourly (留言) 2008年9月7日 (日) 14:42 (UTC)回复[回复]

Translation help

Hello. I'm looking for an approximate translation of the following text: 收皮啦,好撚煩呀,又唔撚登入喎!柒頭!

Someone on WP:EN has left it on another user's talk page and we're trying to determine whether it's problematic. Thank you. (留言) 2008年8月25日 (一) 17:36 (UTC)回复[回复]

This is in Cantonese. I don't speak much Cantonese, so my translation may be a little off. But it should be mostly correct, that this sentence is very rude, using a bunch of curses used in Hong Kong. "Shut up. You are so fucking annoying. You have not even fucking registered (or logged in)! Stupid (literally: penis head)!" . I've posted my translation on the EN Administrators noticeboard page. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年8月26日 (二) 18:40 (UTC)回复[回复]

I want to send some shocking news on your wikipedia 欢迎用户

I am lastslave ,this is my user name. Actually I am on ereleased china prisoner no more than five months. But my story must be browsed by billion people who have some interesting to learn some news come from china jail`s. How would you reward me? My e-mail: [email protected]  ! Not the [email protected],This one was attacked by china secret polive!!!!!!!!!!!

A non-Chinese-speaker prisoner from Chinese jails? How funny.--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年9月3日 (三) 16:24 (UTC)回复[回复]

Typing Chinese

I'm about to ask a question which, I think, most of you have already heard while browsing Internet. How do you write your language? I know you need something like 6000 marks just to read newspaper and approximately (over) 10'000 after you've done with schools. So, how in heck do you type Chinese with computers and mobile phones since including thousands and thousand of marks into the keyboard doesn't really sound like a good (neither working) solution (that would make helluva large keyboard)? Only link to the last discussion about this topic is enough. I'm asking mostly because of my curiosity. :-) --Chrattac (留言) 2008年9月5日 (五) 16:19 (UTC)回复[回复]

Absolutely not, we won't use a "large keyboard". I think the keyboard we used is as large as yours, no different. The difference is only on the input methods. For details, if you can read Chinese, you may take it for refers; if you do not, you may refer to en:Chinese input methods for computers.—J.Wong 2008年9月6日 (六) 02:40 (UTC)回复[回复]

Betawiki: better support for your language in MediaWiki

Dear community. I am writing to you to promote a special wiki called Betawiki. This wiki facilitates the localisation (l10n) of the MediaWiki interface. You may have changed many messages here to use your language in the interface, but if you would log in to for example the Japanese language Wiktionary, you would not be able to use the interface as well translated as here. In fact, of 1,736 messages in the core of MediaWiki. Betawiki also supports the translation of messages for 126 extensions, with 2,174 messages. Many of them are used in WMF projects and they are vital for understanding the wiki. Translators for over 100 languages contribute their work to MediaWiki this way every month.

If you wish to contribute to better support of your language in MediaWiki, as well as for many MediaWiki extensions, please visit Betawiki, create an account and request translator privileges. You can see the current status of localisation of your language on MediaWiki.org and do not forget to get in touch with others that may already be working on your language on Betawiki.

If you have any further questions, please let me know on my talk page on Betawiki. We will try and assist you as much as possible, for example by importing all messages from a local wiki for you to start with, if you so desire.

You can also find us on the Freenode IRC network in the channel #mediawiki-i18n where we will be happy to help you get started.

  • zh-classical - 81.84% 2.73%
  • zh-hans - 99.84% 95.45%
  • zh-hant - 99.84% 95.81%
  • zh-tw - 87.60% 0.73%
  • Currently many of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised; the first column is the percentage of the MediaWiki messages, the second are the messages of extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年5月4日 (日) 12:23 (UTC)回复[回复]

The current status at Betawiki is:

  • zh-classical - 82.92% 4.96%
  • zh-hans - 100.00% 80.99%
  • zh-hant - 100.00% 83.12%
  • zh-tw - 85.44% 0.47%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年7月11日 (五) 12:22 (UTC) The current status at Betawiki is:回复[回复]

  • zh-classical - 82.91% 3.96%
  • zh-hans - 99.95% 93.11%
  • zh-hant - 99.95% 92.67%
  • zh-tw - 84.35% 0.59%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年8月9日 (六) 15:51 (UTC) The current status at Betawiki is:回复[回复]

  • zh-classical - 82.21% 3.45%
  • zh-hans - 98.09% 91.94%
  • zh-hant - 98.14% 92.20%
  • zh-tw - 78.44% 0.51%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年9月11日 (四) 12:08 (UTC) The current status at Betawiki is:回复[回复]

  • zh-classical - 81.64% 2.22%
  • zh-hans - 96.85% 89.43%
  • zh-hant - 96.90% 89.56%
  • zh-tw - 74.51% 0.53%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年10月18日 (六) 10:58 (UTC) The current status at Betawiki is:回复[回复]

  • zh-classical - 83.22% 2.42%
  • zh-hans - 98.49% 65.70%
  • zh-hant - 98.54% 65.79%
  • zh-tw - 74.36% 0.39%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年11月11日 (二) 10:22 (UTC) The current status at Betawiki is:回复[回复]

  • zh-classical - 81.71% 2.35%
  • zh-hans - 96.57% 63.78%
  • zh-hant - 96.85% 63.88%
  • zh-tw - 72.96% 1.13%

Thanks, GerardM (留言) 2008年11月11日 (二) 10:22 (UTC)回复[回复]

PS Please help us complete the most wanted messages..
Well, I don't understand how the wiki works. For instance, I chose all most wanted but not translated zh-hans messages, but it gave me 8 messages and all translated... Ben.MQ留言-貢獻 2008年12月15日 (一) 13:39 (UTC)回复[回复]

神经性厌食症 FA on it.wiki

神经性厌食症 is now a FA on it.wiki, but I can't edit it. Can you please add {{Link FA|it}} in it? Thank you! --Ginosal (留言) 2008年10月17日 (五) 22:19 (UTC)回复[回复]

done. — 盗号木马(对话) 2008年10月20日 (一) 15:07 (UTC)回复[回复]


Would you please add an interwiki link towards it:Fibre afferenti in 传入神经? I'm not (yet) autoconfirmed here in zh.wiki and so I cannot edit the article nor the article talk. Thank you --Formica rufa (留言) 2008年10月1日 (三) 22:22 (UTC)回复[回复]

Done.--Gordon仔—(留訊息) 2008年10月10日 (五) 13:12 (UTC)回复[回复]

Hello Chinese Wikipedians,

I plan to do some statistics about the use of wiki features (precisely: wiki language features) by the editors. To do this, I need to download the content of lots of articles from several wikipedias. Additionally, I would be really interested in seeing if linguistic or cultural factors have a major influence on the results, and what kind of influence. This is the reason why I wish to get raw material from very different cultural areas, including the chinese one. The other planned languages are : bambara, catalan, czech, dutch, gaelic, quechua -- maybe more. As this is a big works, it will be done using a 'bot' (an software automat; or robot), which would access each wiki site, get page names or identities, chose random ones and save their content. Ordinarily, using a software bot for accessing wiki content requires a permission of the local communauty. This is the aim of the present message. This bot would probably use 'spirbot' as user name. Note that it would not edit anything on your wiki, nore change the content in any way. You could restrict its right so that it has no edit permission. Still, this data collect may not happen before several weeks, as I have some more job to do. I simply wished to talk about it in advance.

Thank you for your attention.

Denis [email protected]

—以上未簽名的留言是由Denispir對話貢獻)在2008年10月22日 (三) 01:50加入的。

I have already submit this request for discussion, you can find detail here. In case you want to apply for a bot flag, please come to this page.—人神之间摆哈龙门阵 2008年10月21日 (二) 18:03 (UTC)回复[回复]

More article ideas

How about:

  • en:Liu Xiaodong (刘小冬)
  • en:Trader Vic's (I am not sure what its Chinese name is - it has a branch in Taipei and it used to have branches in Shanghai and Beijing)
  • en:Hooters (I am not sure what its Chinese name is - it has a branch in Shanghai)

WhisperToMe (留言) 2008年9月12日 (五) 10:43 (UTC)回复[回复]


Would you please add an interwiki link towards it:Fibre afferenti in 传入神经? I'm not (yet) autoconfirmed here in zh.wiki and so I cannot edit the article nor the article talk. Thank you --Formica rufa (留言) 2008年10月1日 (三) 22:22 (UTC)回复[回复]

Done.--Gordon仔—(留訊息) 2008年10月10日 (五) 13:12 (UTC)回复[回复]

神经性厌食症 FA on it.wiki

神经性厌食症 is now a FA on it.wiki, but I can't edit it. Can you please add {{Link FA|it}} in it? Thank you! --Ginosal (留言) 2008年10月17日 (五) 22:19 (UTC)回复[回复]

done. — 盗号木马(对话) 2008年10月20日 (一) 15:07 (UTC)回复[回复]

Titleblacklist/Username blacklist

I've just moved entries from your username blacklist (which will be turned off soon) to the titleblacklist. Please double-check my work. Any questions can be directed to my meta talk page. Mike.lifeguard | @meta 2008年10月29日 (三) 19:10 (UTC)回复[回复]

Chinese Wikipedia is awesome! I wish more people in China could have access to it. (留言) 2008年10月30日 (四) 12:20 (UTC)回复[回复]

Worldwide survey Wikipedia

Hi, I am responsible for the worldwide survey of the WIKIPEDIA users & contributors.

A few hours ago you posted a link to our survey, however, the URLs are wrong. Could someone please change the hyperlinks to http://survey.wikipediastudy.org/intro.php?lang=zhhant (traditional chinese) & http://survey.wikipediastudy.org/intro.php?lang=zhhans (simplified chinese) a.s.a.p. All internet traffic is now routed to one server.

Thanks in advance!

Herman Pijpers UNU-MERIT

Quick translation

I'm more into helping with the technical implementation of the Wiki, but I thought it may be fitting to have my user page at least bilingual. Does anyone feel like translating the following for me: "Hello! If you wish to leave me a message, it would probably reach me sooner if you left it at my English Wikipedia talk page."? Reply here, and 谢谢 in advance. Hexagon1 (留言) 2008年11月3日 (一) 08:27 (UTC)回复[回复]

盜號木馬(對話) 2008年11月3日 (一) 16:35 (UTC)回复[回复]
Thanks! Hexagon1 (留言) 2008年11月3日 (一) 20:34 (UTC)回复[回复]

Is there a Simple Chinese Wikipedia? If not, should there be?

Is there a Simple Chinese Wikipedia? (I mean simple language, like the Simple English Wikipedia, not simplified characters (简体汉字).) If this doesn't exist, I'd like to suggest it as a project, to help the millions of people who are studying Chinese all over the world. I don't know enough Chinese to help start it, but I would like to urge the idea forward. Thank you, MCB (留言) 2008年11月18日 (二) 21:40 (UTC)回复[回复]

No, there is not such a thing. But other than Simple English version, is there another language that has a simple version? I don't think Chinese deserves to be the second, as its Wikipedia volume is only around the 10th. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2008年11月18日 (二) 21:55 (UTC)回复[回复]
Thank you. Perhaps it can be a project for the future, when the Chinese Wikipedia is larger. Best, MCB (留言) 2008年11月19日 (三) 07:15 (UTC)回复[回复]
Well there are plenty of other versions in Chinese I've seen, including zh-classical. The one we're one right now has more than one way to be viewed! I think the next Wikipedia that should be simplified should be Spanish, since it's a poplual lanugague. Or how about French? I'd LOVE to see a Chinese Wikipedia written in Pinying! (Or however you spell it). OR wait! I know! How about Simple Japanese?! Oh that'd be great! BTW, there's a page that needs to be translated, [6] (Charlotte's Web. Anyone wanna take a crack at tranlating? I did a little bit. Also there's another one, [7] (Charlotte's Web (1973 film). When that's done, we need a page for 夏洛特的网 (2006年电影) (Charlotte's Web (2006 film) and 夏洛特的网 2:韦伯历险记(Charlotte's Web 2:Wilbur's Great Adventure. I'm glad we can work as a team! Pizzahutpanpizza (留言) 2008年11月29日 (六) 20:50 (UTC)回复[回复]

Why do you keep changing my content? 为何一直更改我的页?

rocky1227--Rocky1227 (留言) 2008年12月2日 (二) 06:36 (UTC)回复[回复]

An article does not belong to anyone. See en:Five Pillars.

Ben.MQ留言-邮件 2008年12月2日 (二) 07:18 (UTC)回复[回复]


你好!I have a question: why do titles appear in traditional characters? I don't know if it always happens but I think it's a technical disadvantage. For example: 纳瓦特尔语 goes to 納瓦特爾語 automatically; title reads 納瓦特爾語 but description within the article says 纳瓦特尔语. Why? 谢谢--Fluence (留言) 2008年12月28日 (日) 04:30 (UTC)回复[回复]

An article is always edited by both Traditional Chinese users and Simplified Chinese users. So sometimes both traditional and simplified characters are present in the source. Up at the top you can see some tags like this:不转换、简体、繁體、大陆简体、港澳繁體、马新简体 and 台灣正體。They will convert the characters to the ones that you are familiar with. 不转换 means not to convert, 简体 and 繁體 are Simplified Chinese(zh-hans) and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant), 大陆简体、港澳繁體、马新简体 and 台灣正體 are zh-cn, zh-hk, zh-sg and zh-tw.
I hope this would help. -- Ben.MQ留言-貢獻 2008年12月28日 (日) 04:51 (UTC)回复[回复]
谢谢, it does help :) --Fluence (留言) 2008年12月28日 (日) 05:11 (UTC)回复[回复]