I just added some references in the article named 杨紫. But I can't publish it. It was shown that my editing have been identified by automated filters as advertising and publicity. I didn't advertise anything. Shouldn't editors give references to prove the information is true? Then what happened? What to do now?——--以上未簽名的留言由Wu Bai X Tong Nian討論貢獻)於2022年2月5日 (六) 14:15 (UTC)加入。回复[回复]

——落花有意12138 回复请ping我 2022年2月6日 (日) 09:41 (UTC)回复[回复]

A very problematic article has spread

Hello. The article 俄罗斯法西斯主义 is a partial translation in Chinese of a previous version of an article at the English Wikipedia (WP en). However, the WP en article was written using en:FICTREF and to push a POV, all the while using the title "Russian fascism" to make it look like the topic is a notable historical subject while the topic is de facto 'any claim of Russia, esp. Russia under Vladimir Putin, being fascist and any comparison with Russia and past fascist regimes'. Please see the discussions at en:Talk:Russian fascism (ideology)#Editing problems and my intervention at sv:Diskussion:Rysk fascism#POV. The article at WP en which served as the basis for numerous WP articles translations is clearly a POV full of en:FICTREF (I gave one example at the sv WP which is also valid here [Alexander J. Motyl 的说法,俄罗斯法西斯主义具有以下特点, etc.], and there are many others I pointed out at WP en). The article and its translations, I feel, should be deleted. Meanwhile, the WP en has been turned into a redirection toward a disambiguation page, and I have split wikidata:Q15975478 and wikidata:Q111487585.
What solutions do you propose? Could the article be speedy deleted by an admin? Thanks in advance for your help. Veverve留言) 2022年4月5日 (二) 18:48 (UTC)回复[回复]

Malicious editing of a living person's page

The page for actor 龔俊 is being maliciously edited. His birthyear is changed and unsubstantiated malicious rumors are being added. The page needs additional protection.--留言) 2022年6月23日 (四) 10:34 (UTC)回复[回复]


你好,虹易阁下,我问下关于陈惠仁(作家)我写的条目,看你挂了关注度不够挂了速删模板,我又仔细看了一遍,实在找不到问题在哪里?请明示,如果有问题,我将很快做出修改,谢谢--Seagull Lee留言) 2022年7月4日 (一) 05:23 (UTC)回复[回复]

Grace Wan article留言) 2022年8月25日 (四) 00:58 (UTC)我是新手,不太适合翻译这篇文章。我不想删除,因为 Grace Wan 喜欢中文维基百科网站。请帮助编辑和润色以获得这篇文章的良好翻译。我希望这篇文章保留并保存在中文维基百科网站上。~~回复[回复]

Using new account due to a problem when I try to edit the page

I change my account since my previous account, when I try to edit, change to a different style of which the text is still seen or when using symbols like {{ requiring time.--Adamdofficial留言) 2022年8月26日 (五) 12:28 (UTC)回复[回复]

Wen WanYi

Wikit2022留言) 2022年9月25日 (日) 03:11 (UTC)于文晚一,我尝试编辑,它有显着的参考 qnd 做中文翻译,但 contect 说上个月翻译不好,我不知道该怎么办。我需要帮助做中文翻译Wikit2022留言) 2022年9月25日 (日) 03:11 (UTC)回复[回复]

Correct grammar in the Chinese Wiki

Hello, there is a mistake to correct in the Chinese Wikipedia.

Si vous n'écrivez pas chinois, mais vous avez besoin de contacter Wikipédia en chinois, vous pourrais laisser votre message ici.

Should be : --->

Si vous n'écrivez pas chinois, mais avez besoin de contacter Wikipédia en chinois, vous pouvez laisser votre message ici.--Overskore留言) 2022年12月16日 (五) 20:15 (UTC)回复[回复]

Done.  Sun8908 2022年12月17日 (六) 08:36 (UTC)回复[回复]